Alysha Sherri Marcantonio is an emerging young Makeup Artist, known for the effortless execution of her work and her distinctive style. At 14 years old, Alysha began attending her very first makeup classes and seminars at David Nicholas (DNI) in South Boston, making her their youngest student to date. From the moment Alysha picked up her first brush, she knew that being an artist was her destiny, and became utterly determined to make this her career.
Alysha moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 18, where she had never been and had no friends or family to speak of. Alysha enrolled in Cinema Makeup Academy to further her artistry and to introduce herself to teachers and colleagues that would guide her to success. Alysha quickly gained the attention and interest of her mentors after placing first in both airbrushing and special effects competitions, igniting her promising career.

Since then Alysha has been the key makeup artist for over 100 music videos, has had work featured in magazines and ads across the globe, and has become the go-to artist for many directors, celebrities, artists, and photographers. Having been head of department for makeup, hair and special effects, Alysha has established herself as a versatile and accomplished artist.

She has quickly gained a reputation not only for her stunning makeup applications, but also her unwavering work ethic and unmistakable dedication for what she does. Alysha executes each and every look with precision and passion. She cares genuinely for each client sitting in her chair, as well as the whole production behind it. It is not likely that you will ever meet someone that did not enjoy working with her. After years of dedication and hard work, Alysha continues to master her craft in order to build an enduring empire.

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